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Welcome to our S4D Learning Lab!  

Do you want to learn more about specific topics linked to sports? Do you want to know more about M&E and how you can implement it in your daily work? Do you want to get more insights about events and trainings offered in our partner countries? 

We are currently developing a roster of web seminars with new content with our partners CRISP and the German Sport University. The seminars will be updated on our website very soon. Please revisit the website soon to learn about our new seminars. 

Are you interested in running your own S4D workshops? Or do you want to learn more in your own pace? If yes, check out the guidelines and links below.  


Formats and Requirements:

  • Web seminars are short inputs in a lecture style format and are scheduled on a rolling basis. They are made for anybody who wants to get a first impression on how sport can be used as a tool for social change, without having any prior knowledge.
  • Web seminars about the topics M&E and Impact Evaluation are offered in a modular format: Take part in all three modules (Module I: M&E Introduction; Module II: M&E Implementation; Module III: Impact Evaluation) and you will get a certificate! 
  • Workshops consist of several modules, include self-study and group assignments and are scheduled periodically. Participation in an introductory Web Seminar (“Introduction to S4D”) or prior knowledge of S4D are required for the workshops. In order to guarantee an interactive and participatory workshop atmosphere, regular attendance, active engagement and a stable internet connection are required. Participation with a laptop is recommended. You must attend at least 80% or more of the workshop be eligible for a certificate of attendance. Please only sign up if you are 100% sure that you can take part in all days of the workshop!

The registration will close the week before the web seminar or workshop is scheduled (Thursday 11:59 pm). 


25 - 27 April 2023

"Sport for Gender Equality"

10:00am / 13:00pm (UTC+2)

Join this course to find out how sport can be used to promote gender equality.

3-days workshop (Wed, Thur, Fri) 


Do you want to run your own S4D workshops?

The Capacity Development (CD) Guidelines below will support you in implementing your own workshop activities. They include an overall workshop structure, contents focusing on different topics (Sport for Health, gender Equality, Social Cohesion etc.) and the learning outcomes necessary to successfully facilitate a workshop in institutional settings. Additionally, parts of the documents (e. g. manuals, factsheets) can be used as a reference for thematically appropriate wording, for inspirational purposes with practical activities or workshop development, and as layout examples for communicating information.

Target groups for the workshops are institutions and organisations interested in using sport-specific approaches and methods for developmental objectives, S4D Instructors and S4D Coaches. Each workshop presented consits of three modules. When implemented as online format, each module has a duration of three hours. Delivered in presence, modules can be adapted length- and content-wise.

Please note that all contents were developed in a working context of GIZ. Feel free to adapt and modify contents and scope according to your needs, e. g. regarding wordings, country examples.

In our self-paced atingi course "Introduction to S4D" you will learn the basics of the sport for development (S4D) approach. Which topics can be addressed through S4D? Who plans and conducts S4D activities? What do these activities look like? These are some of the questions we will answer together during this course.

This course provides basic knowledge about the S4D approach by showing you the skills you need to be an S4D facilitator, how to structure an S4D session, and what topics you can address through the S4D approach.

It will take you about one hour to complete and you will earn a badge. To access the free of charge courses, please create an account on atingi first by following this link

What is safeguarding? What makes activities safe, inclusive, enjoyable, and free from harm? Which factors play a role, and which knowledge is necessary? These are some of the questions addressed in the self-paced atingi course "Safeguarding in Sport and Sport for Development" .

In this introductory course, we define safeguarding, identify the different types of harm, describe the roles and responsibilities of an S4D facilitator, address how you should deal with safeguarding concerns, show you how you can design safe and inclusive activities, and what safeguarding measures you can expect from your organisation. To access the free of charge courses, please create an account on atingi first by following this link.

In our Tools Section you will find more guidelines and templates about safeguarding in sport and S4D in different languages. 

Take part in our self-paced atingi course "Mental health and Well-Being" and learn more about on how sport and Sport for Development can help you get mentally fit. In this self-paced course, you will learn what mental health and well-being is. It will take you about 1 hour to complete and you will earn a certificate. The course is for young people from around the world. You will learn

  • how to manage your feelings when you feel stress, anxious and depressed
  • how to deal with bullying
  • how to build communication skills
  • how to build confidence
  • how to build resiliency to live a healthy life

Each module contains 6 lessons of 5 to 10 minutes each. This means, it will take you about 60 minutes to complete the training. To access the free of charge courses, please create an account on atingi first by following this link.