Launch of “Guideline Sport for Development and Human Rights”

We are thrilled to launch the “Guideline Sport for Development and Human Rights” as a resource for all practitioners, researchers and interested individuals in “Sport for Development” (S4D). Human Rights have received increasing attention in the context of sport over the past years. Especially in the context of mega sport events the world takes a closer look at how people involved in preparation and implementation of events are treated. Other aspects of professional sport, e.g. supply chains of merchandise and fair production are being scrutinized.

Besides those evident gaps in respecting, protecting and fulfilling human rights, there is also large potential in sport to contribute to human rights education and to empower rights-holders to know, claim and realise their rights. Sport itself transports values of inclusion, respect, equality, teamwork, and fairness. The Human Rights Based Approach is fundamental to “Sport for Development” and all implementations in German Development Cooperation. This potential of sport along with best practice examples relating to each of the human rights principles have now been compiled in the “Guideline Sport for Development and Human Rights”.

Guideline Sport for Development and Human Rights - PDF