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Reflection makes the difference between a Sport for Development (S4D) session and a regular sport session. Without reflection, there will be neither a connection nor a transfer of competences to daily life situations and, therefore, there will be no impact. The Reflection Guideline for S4D Training Sessions helps you to understand the importance of reflection for competence and life skill development as well as for recollecting of what was learned during the session.

An S4D training session seeks to intentionally develop life competences/skills of children and youth. The development of competences has to be prioritized and should be part of every phase of a training session, which should be guided bylearning objectives and discussion questions. The Guideline "S4D Competences as Part of a Training Session - The S4D Training Session Cycle" gives an overview how your S4D training session should be planned, delivered and assessed so that the development of competences of children and youth is prioritized.