Sport for Development (S4D) Youth Leaders – Giving Back to the Community

The GIZ S4D - Jordan Youth Leadership Programme empowers motivated young people of diverse backgrounds to initiate sport and play activities for fellow youth and children within their communities. The aim is to increase civic engagement of youth in ‘Sport for Development’ to promote social change in targeted communities. Over the last three years, 37 youth leaders from six different areas in Jordan have joined the programme and have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to deal with kids and youth following the safeguarding policy and to develop and implement activity plans that meet local needs.


This year and due to the large impact on public life and the limitations of physical activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the youth leaders have been working on developing regular online meetings and brainstorming workshops to stay connected and motivated.


At the beginning of June and after gradually opening up to normal life, it was time to revive ‘Sport for Development’ activities. On the #Internationalrefugeeday, S4D youth leaders started at the Gaza Refugee Camp in Jerash, Jordan, the home of some of our youth leaders. A plan was put in place to meet COVID-19-restrictions and social distancing regulations.


On the 19 and 20 June 2021, the ‘Yalla Riyada Bus‘ hit the road with 6 youth leaders to introduce different sports activities and games to the children and youth in the camp. The event also included music workshops and mural painting. The International refugee day event brought back and helped to build some joy and fun for the children in one of the largest refugee camps in Jordan.

Further information:

Short clip of the event on S4D-Instagram and S4D-YouTube