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Welcome to the Sport for Development (S4D) Resource Toolkit!

This toolkit is a gateway to S4D. You will find information, guidelines, manuals, seminars, tools and advice on how to implement S4D projects, workshops and training sessions. The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) uses S4D to contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) like gender equality, good health and quality education. The Toolkit provides access to resources that have been developed and used by GIZ and partners in different countries all over the world.

What is the Global Sport for Development Community?

The Global S4D Community is a new open membership offer for practitioners and partners that combines an online social intranet - purpose built by our partners at HumHub - and a variety of offline learning and knowledge exchange activities. The Community is free to access, and welcomes practitioners of all backgrounds, ranging from seasoned S4D trainers, instructors, and multipliers to enthusiastic newcomers who share an unwavering commitment to drive positive change through sports.

The Global S4D Community will launch on August 12th 2023.

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The S4D Resource Toolkit gives you an overview of the essential aspects of S4D, the development topics we address, the countries we work in, and the tools we developed to make S4D part of your work. Just click on the buttons.


We are implementing S4D projects in close cooperation with different partner organisations in countries all over the world.

Find out in which countries we are working and which S4D approaches, methods, manuals and tools have been developed and are used in the countries. Get more insights on country-specific situations, how we are using sport as a tool to achieve specific development objectives and get to know our local partner organisations.

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Here we will inform you about news in and from our projects and countries.

Analysis of sport industry shows success in partner countries

The sport industry enjoys a pedigree of different sectors which contribute to overall economic landscape of a country. In this regard, further development and research into such topics is needed, especially in the field of Sport for Development (S4D). To understand this phenomenon in depth, a comprehensive study was undertaken by the German Sport University in collaboration with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) about the impact of the sport industry in partner countries. The methodology of the study included an analysis of the sport sector’s relevance, and its impact on certain economic elements, such as employment, GDP, and economic growth.

Association Magg’ando is the winner of the « Women in Sport Entrepreneurship » contest.

On Friday 9 June, the final panel of judges for the "Women in Sport Entrepreneurship" competition, set up by Sport Impact and GIZ-S4DA, met in Dakar. After a pre-selection phase in May, during which several applications were received from African women entrepreneurs in the sports sector in Senegal, three nominees were given the opportunity to present their project orally to a panel of judges in the hope of winning a financial grant of €15,000.

Launch of "From Field to Fanshop" sustainability initiative

The "From Field to Fanshop" initiative, which was launched by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) together with the textile company Brands Fashion, travelled to India for a kick-off visit to the project region. The initiative includes nine soccer clubs from the 1st

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