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Welcome to the Sport for Development (S4D) Resource Toolkit!

This toolkit is a gateway to S4D. You will find information, guidelines, manuals, seminars, tools and advice on how to implement S4D projects, workshops and training sessions. The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) uses S4D to contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) like gender equality, good health and quality education. The Toolkit provides access to resources that have been developed and used by GIZ and partners in different countries all over the world.


The S4D Resource Toolkit gives you an overview of the essential aspects of S4D, the development topics we address, the countries we work in, and the tools we developed to make S4D part of your work. Just click on the buttons.

Workshops & Events

Here you will find upcoming Web-Seminars, Trainings and Events focusing on different topics (M&E, Sport and Education, Sport for Gender Equality, Sport for Employability etc.). They will be scheduled in our Calendar/Timetable where you will find further information as well.

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13 - 16 April 2021
S4D Learning Lab

Online Course „Sport for Employability“ (English)

Join this course to learn how sport can contribute to the development of a range of employability skills and how sport programmes can support employment

26 - 30 April 2021
S4D Learning Lab

3-days Course “Sport for Gender Equality ” (English)

Join this course to find out how sport can be used to promote gender equality.

26.04 Part I / 28.04 Part II / 30.04 Part III

04 - 07 May 2021
S4D Learning Lab

Cours en ligne „Sport et employabilité“ (4 jours, French Online Course „Sport for Employability“)

Rejoignez ce cours  pour découvrir comment le sport peut contribuer au développement d'une gamme de compétences relatives à l'employabilité et comment les programmes sportifs peuvent soutenir l'emploi

03 May 2021
S4D Learning Lab

Session en ligne “Introduction au sport pour le développement” (French Webseminar “Introduction to S4D)

Participez à cette session de base et apprenez la philosophie, la terminologie, la méthodologie et les autres antécédents du sport pour le développement.

12 May 2021
S4D Learning Lab

Webseminar “Introduction to S4D” (Essentials, ENG)

Get on board with this basic seminar by learning about the philosophy, terminology, methodology and further background of sport for development.


We are implementing S4D projects in close cooperation with different partner organisations in countries all over the world.

Find out in which countries we are working and which S4D approaches, methods, manuals and tools have been developed and are used in the countries. Get more insights on country-specific situations, how we are using sport as a tool to achieve specific development objectives and get to know our local partner organisations.

Your Requirements

Here you will find a wide range of choices that may help you in your search for specific documents in your field of interest. Or simply let yourself be inspired and driven by the wealth of possibilities.Just click on the button to get to the search generator.


Here we will inform you about news in and from our projects and countries.

Western Balkans: Course Outline published in four languages to support S4D instructors

Approaching the end of the turbulent year 2020 the S4D team on Social Inclusion through Sport in the Western Balkan Region is proud to publish the jointly developed Course Outline for a basic level Training of Trainers. It is aimed to support the S4D instructors to pass on the basic principles of S4D and better structure their trainings for teachers, sport coaches and social workers...

GIZ joins Public Development Banks and international sport organisations in Sport for Development Coalition

On 11 November 2020, GIZ participated in a special session entitled “Mobilisation of Development Finance for Sustainable Sport” and joined the Sport for Development Coalition. This is an initiative spearheaded by the Agence Française de Développent (AFD)


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