In the S4D Country Collection, you will be able to find all the different GIZ supported S4D programs and projects, sorted by country. The Collection offers:

  • short project descriptions about the S4D approach developed in the country
  • developed Teaching and Learning Materials
  • Capacity Development (CD) procedures in the country
  • M&E tools used in the country.



The GIZ programme „Social Inclusion through Sport in the Balkan Region“ seeks to closely cooperate with local networks consisting of municipalities, NGOs, schools, kindergartens and sport clubs, which are engaged in developing and implementing local S4D strategies in the following countries of the Western Balkans: North Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The activities of the networks focus on strengthening the capacities of coaches, trainers, PE teachers, social/youth workers and young professionals to use sport, physical activity and games as  instruments for social inclusion of marginalized groups and community development. They raise awareness of S4D by staging social inclusive sport activities, improving the accessibility and increasing the participatory conditions of sport grounds and equipment. Networking, exchange and cooperation among different stakeholders on local, national and regional level fosters social cohesion and learning within communities and across borders.

In Serbia, population projection results show that in the next thirty years, the population shall continue to be exposed to the process of demographic aging. The share of young people is low and with a tendency of further decline, while the share of elderly is high and is constantly growing. The aging of the population will require the provision of more sport and recreational opportunities for the elderly of the Republic of Serbia.

The Local S4D Action Plan for the Municipality of New Belgrade creates conditions for the use and promotion of sport as a platform for more efficient social inclusion of different population categories that are at risk of social exclusion. The main purpose is to support the community to achieve social cohesion, overcome prejudices, increase the positive influence on public opinion, and disseminate ethical principles. The document was created by a network of organizations gathered around the Centre for care of the elderly, children and persons with disabilities.

The sport-pedagogical qualification of coaches and teachers is the main component of our advanced education and training programmes in the field of S4D. Below you will find workshop documents from Serbia which give you some insight into workshop contents and discussions.

We invite you to have a look at the following teaching and learning materials.