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Welcome to our Country Collection!

We are implementing S4D projects and programmes in countries all over the world, always in close cooperation with different local partner organisations. In every country, significant S4D knowledge and content has been developed, in different languages, with different sport ant topical foci. We are happy to share that valuable S4D knowledge with you!



In Ethiopia, developing a vocational training system is of high priority for the Ethiopian Government and the German cooperation. The education sector is pivotal to the Ethiopian Government’s Growth and Transformation Plan II, but often graduates do not meet the requirements of Ethiopia’s economy. The German development cooperation supports the Ethiopian efforts by promoting vocational education through sport. Partner organisations and the German cooperation jointly developed the “Sport2Work” methodology to promote skills relevant to the labour market.

Organisations, including the Ethiopian Federal TVET Agency, the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture, state vocational schools, Don Bosco Mondo e.V. among others, are advised by German development cooperation’s’ “Sport for Development in Africa” (S4DA) Regional Project on developing concepts for implementing S4D and embedding it in their structures. As a result, the Federal TVET Agency is introducing sports departments in colleges, taking a first step towards integrating S4D into the curriculum of the TVET education system. To provide safe spaces for S4D, grassroots sports grounds were renovated or constructed. Trained coaches apply “Sport2Work” at the schools, fostering the students’ ability to work in a team, to take responsibility and to communicate effectively. Sport events are used as a platform for young people to demonstrate their skills and to gain vocational orientation.

We invite you to have a look at the following teaching and learning material, which was created by the S4DA on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and our partner organizations in Ethiopia. You will find a more detailed description about the materials in our collection S4D Tools for your Practice/Teaching and Learning Materials.