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Although Brazil has established itself as a major political and economic player on the international stage the lives of many young people living in deprived urban areas are marked by a lack of educational opportunities and deployment prospects, poor living conditions, gang and drug-related crime and sexual exploitation. Sport, in particular football, presents an opportunity to reach out to this section of population, which plays an important role in the development process of a country.

Therefore, the GIZ and their Brazilian partners support efforts to link sport and development goals, using the ‘treino social’ method, which was developed for use with various age groups. The method combines football coaching with sessions designed to address social issues and teach social skills in areas such as health, gender equality and peaceful conflict resolution. In order to maximise the impact of these measu­res and integrate them into existing structures, they are delivered as part of established governmental and social programmes in the country. As a result over 550 coaches from NGOs, schools and associations have been taught how to use the ‘treino social’ method. Moreover, a working group has been set in order to develop the ‘treino social’ method and guarantee a long-term embedment into the partner organizations’ existing structures. Beside, together with its Brazilian partners and the DFB, the pro­gramme has provided training for 20 master coaches, which are now working on establishing centres of excellence around Brazil.

The sport-pedagogical qualification of coaches and teachers is the main component of our advanced education and training programmes in the field of S4D ("Capacity Development on Individual Level"). Below you will find workshop documents from Brazil which give you some insight into workshop contents and discussions. 

We invite you to have a look at the following teaching and learning materials, which were created by the German Development Cooperation (GIZ) on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and our partner organizations in Brazil. You will find a more detailed description about the materials in our collection S4D Tools for your Practice.