In the S4D Country Collection, you will be able to find all the different GIZ supported S4D programs and projects, sorted by country. The Collection offers:

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The project ‘Sport for social Change and Education’ is implemented by Otaharin, an organisation that promotes education, inclusion and the rights of Roma. Financed by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), co-financed and initiated by the Stiftung Hoffnung 1-plus, coordinated by CARE Germany-Luxemburg, the project addresses 40 children and youth in Bijeljina, a city in the north-east of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The participants consist of 70 percent Roma and 30 percent non-Roma children, all of whom do not go to school regularly. The Roma children especially face challenges related to prejudices and discrimination.

It is the first time that Otaharin includes sport activities in one of their projects, namely football in this case. Nonetheless, the project is based on a holistic approach: The participation in football training is directly linked to regular attendance in school, additional workshops with a focus on health issues are obligatory and the parents are incorporated in the educational process as well. In order to build the capacity to be able to attend these activities, the participants and their families are provided with scholarships. Besides enhancing physical activity and football-specific skills, the football training is rather meant to foster tolerance towards other ethnicities, respectful interaction among and self-confidence of the participants. Thereby, the children and youth are to be given crucial support to change their attitude towards school, improve their school grades and therefore open up more opportunities for the future.

We invite you to have a look at the following teaching and learning material. In Bosnia and Herzegovina a football curriculum was developed by the German Sport University Cologne (DSHS) and the partner organization Otaharin on the basis of existing manuals and approaches dealing with the topic football for development.  

If you want to have more detailed and/or further information about S4D in the country, please have a look at the following publications.